High quality natural and organic products

Sustainable Organic Q8 thrives to provide the highest quality, reasonably and competitively priced natural and organic products, and environmentally-friendly gardening equipment for the home, garden, greenhouse and farm to help reach sustainability and self sufficiency in food production.

It starts with a great team

At Sustainable Organic Q8, we believe that with scientific based knowledge, you can grow and produce better crops! Our team has in-depth experience helping other gardeners and first-hand knowledge of our products. Looking to set up an efficient indoor growing set up? Looking to transition to a sustainable all organic (no-till, perhaps) gardening/farming? Our experts can help you match components and put together a system expressly suited to your needs. Our staff can help you find the best and safest (sustainable) solution.

At Sustainable Organic Q8, we not only know our products, we’ve used them.