PittMoss® Roost – Premium Poultry Bedding

9.000 KD

PittMoss Roost is one of the most unique innovations in the entire bedding industry. The product is light, fluffy, and extremely absorbent. There’s no dust wow! And Roost doesn’t stick to your animals. It’s much easier to clean, and it is compostable. The unique physical properties of PittMoss make it an ideal product for animal bedding. We introduced PittMoss Roost as our planet-friendly answer to traditional and messy animal bedding.  To date, PittMoss Roost has been hitting the Poultry Market by storm, becoming a favorite bedding of farmers and veterinarians alike! We also encourage other animal lovers to share their experience using PittMoss Roost for small animals. We have customers using PittMoss Roost poultry bedding for use with their reptiles, rabbits, pigs, chickens, and more!

Use PittMoss Roost as a replacement for pine pellets, sawdust or other bedding material. Use for horse stalls, chicken coops and other small animals.

Bag Size: 4 Cu Ft = 113.26Liter


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