Neem Cake – Organic Soil Amendment

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The Neem tree kernel contains rich vegetable protein that improves soil microbial growth and soil structure. Neem Cake and Pellets are recommended for all vegetables, row crops, fruits and nut trees, greenhouses, container plants as well as lawn and gardens.

Neem in the dry forms performs the dual function of both fertilizer and PEST CONTROL while providing macronutrients and diverse microbial food.

Neem cake contains salannin, nimbin, azadirachtin, meliantriol and azadiradione as the major components. It is reported to have seven types of activity: antifeedant, attractant, repellent, insecticide, nematicide, growth disruptor and antimicrobial.

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Small: 0.8KG; Medium: 1.6KG; Large:  4KG; X-Large:  8KG

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