Blumat Digital Water/Moisture Level Sensor Meter “20cm”

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Instrument for measuring soil moisture (or dryness) in pots.
Measures soil moisture as an aide for making dependable watering decisions, especially for larger planting tubs as well as individual plants in the ground, for instance, in a winter garden or greenhouse.

It is impossible to judge the amount of moisture present inside the soil ball in a pot or in general around the roots just with the eye or by feeling the surface with a finger. (The surface can be dry even when there still is enough moisture within.) Watering often takes place based on guesswork or when the plants are already wilting. This causes stress and has an adverse effect on plant growth.

The so-called Tensiometer measures or indicates the suction force with which the roots absorb water. This force (measured as subpressure in a tube and displayed in mbar) provides a measure for moisture levels: high value = dry, low value = moist. The measuring range is from 10-750 mbar, typical values range between 100 – 300 mbar. The sensor is able to measure moisture levels in all types of soil and peat as well as in not overly coarse clay granulate substrates.
Length of the sensor approx. 24 cm, maximum inserting depth approx. 18 cm.
Delivery includes: measuring probe with attached sensor (complete sensor)

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